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Our center provides the refuge and consistency homeless families need to get back on their feet.


Established in 1991, The Hope for Families Center is a residential shelter for families that provides tools to empower its residents so they can identify and resolve their issues, find better jobs and ultimately move into stable living arrangements. The long-term goal is to assist them in re-establishing their families as productive, healthy community residents.

Currently, there are over 350 people in Indian River County who cannot afford safe and adequate shelter. Of those, over 120 are children. Given the current economic conditions, we fear this number will steadily grow. HFC served 302 residents, of which 64% were children this past year. Our programs and services will be needed by more families with complex issues including food and shelter insecurity, employment for a living wage, access to healthcare and multiple health challenges, unresolved legal issues and basic safety and security needs.

Our 24/7/365 facility, with 21 rooms and four beds per room, is the largest of its kind on the Treasure Coast. The structured program requires adult residents to secure jobs within two weeks and save 75% of their income. Zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs is strictly enforced. Through financial education, budgeting, financial management and developing a savings routine, so successful families are able to move into permanent housing for the long term.

There are no job opportunities available at this time.

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