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Our center provides the refuge and consistency homeless families need to get back on their feet.


Established in 1991, The Hope for Families Center is a residential shelter for families that provides tools to empower its residents so they can identify and resolve their issues, find better jobs and ultimately move into stable living arrangements. The long-term goal is to assist them in re-establishing their families as productive, healthy community residents.


Currently, there are over 350 people in Indian River County who cannot afford safe and adequate shelter. Of those, over 120 are children. Given the current economic conditions, we fear this number will steadily grow. HFC served 302 residents, of which 64% were children this past year. Our programs and services will be needed by more families with complex issues including food and shelter insecurity, employment for a living wage, access to healthcare and multiple health challenges, unresolved legal issues and basic safety and security needs.


Our 24/7/365 facility, with 21 rooms and four beds per room, is the largest of its kind on the Treasure Coast. The structured program requires adult residents to secure jobs within two weeks and save 75% of their income. Zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs is strictly enforced. Through financial education, budgeting, financial management and developing a savings routine, so successful families are able to move into permanent housing for the long term.


Program: Residential

Job Title: Lead Support Staff

Reports To: Director of Social Services

Job Type: Full Time (Shifts Sunday-Wednesday 10AM-8PM or Wednesday-Saturday 10AM-8PM)

Job Requirements:

A Lead Support Staff Worker must have the capacity to work a flexible work schedule, have the interpersonal skills to work with a variety of people, be able to record and maintain records. Must be able to get to and from work via own transportation. Individuals hired for the position shall have no criminal record. Individual must have a minimum of a high school diploma.

Specific Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assures coverage of the facility. Which could include covering open shifts due to call outs and being on call during scheduled days.
  2. Assure the meals are complete, menu is followed and food rotated in the fridge or discard as needed
  3. Assure the donations are brought to the pantry and put away
  4. Provides Supervision and support to Support Staff.
  5. Maintains safety and security of facility and able to supervise clients to follow program rules.
  6. Assures cleanliness of agency facility.
  7. May receive donations and must write receipt for donations following the appropriate procedures for in-kind donations.
  8. Completes required duties as assigned to shift.
  9. Teaches effective communication skills through the use of respectful, verbal, physical and emotional role modeling.
  10. Completes a walk-through of facility at the beginning of each shift to review condition of unit which will ensure safety and orderliness.
  11. Assists residents to access their medications and follows Hope for Families Center policies and procedures.
  12. Provide nutritious meals through preparation, cooking and distribution.
  13. Documents observations regarding all clients daily and communicates with supervisor and case managers.
  14. Performs any other duties as assigned by the Director of Social Services or Executive Director

Shift Duties:

Each Support Staff Shift has unique responsibilities, in addition to the regular tasks performed. When shifts overlap, Care Workers are to work together to divide up the labor so all duties are efficiently managed.

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